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What is ipDTL for?
Live Radio Interviews
Live Radio Remotes
Remote Podcast Recording
Voice Sessions
Basic Operation
Log in using a web browser
Send a Link
Call a SIP address
Dial a phone number
Advanced Operation
Multitrack WAV Recording
Up to 6 remote connections
Dial ISDN calls
Get your own ISDN Number
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Broadcast quality audio using Opus & SIP
In its simplest form, ipDTL connects one computer to another, giving 2-way audio between web browsers, using the wideband low delay Opus codec.
SIP is the protocol for connecting between studios, which has replaced ISDN. ipDTL includes SIP calling as standard. It can also make phone and ISDN calls.
Getting Started
  SIP Studio Finder
Find a Studio anywhere in the World.
See which Radio Stations are SIP ready.
Add a new Listing.
  ipDTL Voice Network
University of Bradford
Connecting the World
The biggest brands and broadcasters trust In:Quality
Technical Data & Compatibility
Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS
Audio Codecs: IP:       OPUS, iLBC, G722, G711
ISDN: MPEG LII (128 Mono+JS, 64), G722, AAC LD (64 & 128), AAC 128, MPEG L3 128
Video Codecs: VP8, H.264 <=1080p
Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Opera (More)
Servers: Europe, N. America, S. America, Asia, Australasia
Backup system at
Protocols: STUN, TURN - Automatic NAT traversal
In:Quality has developed and operates a worldwide network for the real time transmission of professional audio. Established in 2013, its Founding Director is Kevin Leach – a former radio host and BBC sound engineer.
We make remote broadcasting affordable to all sectors of the media with minimal environmental impact.
ipDTL: Live Remote Broadcasting in your Web Browser
Microphone and Headphones motif with ipDTL text on white background

Call guests for podcast and radio interviews from your web browser with multi-track recording. Connect to multiple locations. Mix and record the audio in ipDTL's virtual mixer.

Connect using web browser for remote broadcasts, voice over, newscasts and sports commentary. Every ipDTL Username has its own address.

Does the job of ISDN at a fraction of the cost! You can make an outgoing call, or set ipDTL to receive an incoming call. Receive calls to your own Los Angeles ISDN number(s).

The system will try to establish a ‘point-to-point’ connection between two computers. If NAT configuration prevents this, audio streams are sent via one of our relay servers in the cloud.

hybrIP Talk Show System with ipDTL integration and call screening.

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spare snippets:
Send a Link to connect in browser ‎Audio interface or USB microphone. Simple to setup.
No ISDN line required.
No call charges. Wideband OPUS audio codec.
Point to Point data connection.
Automatic NAT traversal.
Tel, Tel+ & ISDN Dedicated Number
Phone and ISDN audio calls from your web browser.
Replace traditional telephone hybrid.
Create a Phone Patch for voice sessions.